Tankless Diving

If the invention by Israeli Alon Bodner comes to fruition, the days of carrying heavy oxygen tanks on your back when scuba diving may soon be coming to an end. This invention will allow divers to breathe underwater without the assistance of the regular breathing apparatus, as they now know it. It will use relatively small amounts of oxygen that already exist in the water to give both scuba divers and submarines the oxygen they need. This invention has many implications for the navies of the world as well as revolutionizing recreational diving.

The system of tankless diving developed by Bodner uses the principles of the Henry Law. According to this law of physics, the amount of gas that can be dissolved in a liquid body is in proportion to the amount of pressure on that liquid body. When this pressure is lowered, more gas is released from the liquid. In laboratory models, a rapidly rotating centrifuge creates the pressure inside a sealed container that contains seawater and rechargeable lithium batteries will operate the chamber. The calculations done on the system show that a single kilo lithium battery will provide a diver with one hour of oxygen.

Bodner is in the process of creating a prototype of this underwater breathing system and patents for the invention have already been granted in Europe. A similar patent is pending approval in the United States. The Israeli Ministry of Industry and Commerce has given some financial support to the project and Bodner is looking for private investors.

The design of the tankless diving system is expected to be in the form of a vest that the diver can wear and will enable him/her to stay underwater for much longer periods than is now possible with oxygen tanks.